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On the hunt for a coating that stands tall in the face of firearm demands? Your search ends with Cerakote! Dive into a world of resilience and style as Powder Keg Garage presents a lineup of Cerakote coatings tailored exclusively for firearms. Unveil a realm of unmatched features and benefits that redefine durability and finesse.

Cerakote Benefits

  • Enhanced Durability: Provides resistance against abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals, extending the lifespan of firearms.
  • Customization Options: Offers a wide range of colors, finishes, and design possibilities for personalized aesthetics.
  • Heat Dissipation: Improved ability to dissipate heat, reducing the risk of overheating and malfunctions during prolonged use.
  • Improved Performance: Low-friction properties enhance moving parts' operation, leading to smoother triggers, reliable cycling, and better accuracy.
  • Easy Maintenance: Non-porous surface resists fouling, making cleaning and maintenance easier and less frequent.
  • Camouflage and Concealment: Camo patterns aid in blending into various environments, useful for hunting and tactical applications.
  • Chemical Resistance: Withstands solvents, oils, and cleaning agents, ensuring longevity and protecting against chemical damage.
  • Weather Resilience: Maintains coating integrity in extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.
  • Cost-Effective: Long-term savings due to extended firearm lifespan and reduced need for refinishing or replacements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets environmental regulations with low VOC content and complies with legal requirements for firearm finishes.


All firearms are coated with H-series Cerakote unless otherwise specified. Available colors found HERE

See Cerkote V-Series colors HERE

  Description Price
Pistol/Semi Auto Pistol - Single Color Complete Handgun $200
  Frame Only $100
  Slide Only $100
  Controls $35
  Baseplate $20
  Barrel $70
  Distressed/Battleworn Finish add 20%  
Revolver - Single Color Complete Revolver $200
  Frame Only $100
  Cylinder Only $100
  Controls $35
  Barrel $70
  Distressed/Battleworn Finish add 20%  
AR Variant - Single Color Complete Rifle $400
  3pc Set (Upper, Lower, Handguard) $200
  Upper Receiver Only $80
  Lower Receiver Only $80
  Handguard $100
  BCG $75
  Barrel $75
  Stock $80
  Magazine $30
  Pistol Brace/Buffer Tube $80
  Distressed/Battleworn Finish add 20%  
Long Guns - Single Color Complete Rifle/Shotgun $280
  Barrel and Receiver $150
  Stock and Forend $150
  Bolt $50
  Small Parts $50
  Distressed/Battleworn Finish add 20%  
  Firearm Disassembly/Reassembly $50
  Additional single color for 2-tone finish $40
Automotive/High Heat V8 Long Tube Headers $350
  V8 Short Tube Headers $300
  V8 Cast Exhaust Manifolds $180
  V6 Long Tube Headers $300
  V6 Short Tube Headers $250
  4 Cyl Long Tube Header $180
  4 Cyl Short Tube Header $150
  Downpipe $100
  Turbo Turbine Housing $100